When I decided to move to the Netherlands I knew my life would change. I knew (or I thought I knew) this country quite well since I had been receiving information about it for years. Plus, in many ways, my culture and upbringing are not so extremely different than those in the Netherlands.

Arriving to the Netherlands: Life Changes

However, when I actually arrived to this country it was still kind of a shock to various extents. And instead of getting easier as the first weeks passed by, during the first months some things became even more overwhelming.

Of course, not all was different in a "hard to adjust" way: many things are very nice and easy to adapt to. These things helped me adapting to those other aspects that I found difficult. And patience played a big role, expecting to adjust right away to everything is not very realistic.

But, for good or for bad, all these new factors in my life implied adjusting to many big changes. And these changes, all together at once were a lot to take in, especially adding it to the fact that I was not in my own environment nor with my family and old friends: A big part of what I was familiar with and made me feel comfortable was many thousands of kilometers away.

Enjoying the Good Things

Nonetheless, the good news are: as time passes by, many things become more comfortable and easier to adjust to. And you can more and more enjoy the great things this country has to offer. Plus, everybody has their own way of going through it, and some people feel like home right away.

As I said, before I came I had already received a lot of information and read as much as I could. But there were many aspects of this big change that I wasn’t fully prepared for, and many things that I had never heard of, or I hadn’t heard in detail enough. And I think if I had known better, maybe the change could have been a bit easier. This is why I created this website, where I will be transmitting as much and as concise information as I can about all those little and big things that together, to me, made moving to the Netherlands a big change.

Keep in mind that all you will find here is subjective and based on my own experience; and although most immigrants I have met have a similar broad vision about many aspects of moving to the Netherlands, not all of us see everything in the same way.

I hope this website helps you!


PS: My name is Paula and my native country is Uruguay.


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