Sun is a rare commodity in the Netherlands. And this can be more of an issue that you might think of at first glance. It might even affect your health.

Health in the Dutch Climate

It is not uncommon for foreigners (and some Dutch people as well) to suffer consequences from the lack of sun in this country. Sun is very important for our bodies to produce vitamin D, and if I´m right, the lack of it can cause a variety of problems, including deficiency in the bones, more dental cavities, and depression (you should consult a doctor if you need professional information).

When I moved to this country I was always tired, more than usual. After a couple of years I asked my doctor to have a blood test done to test if the important stuff was ok (as usual, I had to go through some resistance before the doctor accepted doing it). And the results showed that my vitamin D was quite low. So, the doctor told me to take a vitamin D pill per day.

In the first few months after I started taking that vitamin D pill I started feeling less tired. And about a year later, I was feeling much better. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

There’s even special “sun light” lamps to get “light therapy” that many people here use and love. These lamps are meant to give you an equivalent of the sunlight you don´t get from the natural sun here. I never tried one, but many people say they are great for them.

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