Christmas season is one of my favorite moments in NL. The streets look very cheerful and pretty, full of light decorations. You can see all main streets and many secondary ones decorated, plus lots of shops and buildings shine with beautiful lights as well. Even the channels, which are naturally beautiful, often are embellished to honor the season.

The weather can be quite cold, and many years snow will be part of the Christmas celebrations. However, sometimes it didn’t snow yet by this time of the year, and the temperature makes it quite enjoyable to shop for presents or just take a walk outside.

Christmas In NL and in my birth country

In my birth country, the main Christmas celebration happens on 24th night, when we gather for dinner waiting for the clock to reach 12 AM marking the beginning of the 25th starts, and being this the moment Santa delivers his presents. In the Netherlands, people celebrate Christmas on December 25th itself, and presents are delivered that morning.

An interesting detail to know: in NL December 26th is also celebrated, called Second Christmas day.

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